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Just received the call...DELAYED to January!!

Dec 29, 2013
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As i expected....The Inspire 1 wont make it for Christmas, nor Newyears!.
I purchased mine from Dronefly.com , and they actually called me today(nice touch) to say , DJI called them and said the earliest they can expect to see the first batch of units will be "early January"
Dronefly is concerned is about promising that time period also because it is the third release date change since it was announced initially.
I work in the automotive repair field and I understand delays in build and design are inevitable. It must be a serious design issue or a problem with product yield.
Ohh well, the free case best be worth it! They have had my $3100 since November, gaining interest!
Ill be patient......
Is it here yet??

how bout now?
@beachvision I also ordered mine through Dronefly.com and got a call this evening as well about the delay. This is my first order from Dronefly and am digging their customer service!
However, they told me they can't confirm their units are coming with a case. They said they haven't gotten any communication from DJI about this
**Fingers crossed**
Really sorry to hear about the delay for you both,but there have been other posts about delays and one of them said late January in Canada..ouch.
I must,there BETTER be a case included or there may be a DJI rep. Hanging from the yard arm!
Interest? What bank gives interest these day? The case is surely in the 300 usd range... That is 10% of your investment....no interesnt will make you that money in just 2-3 months...i say a great deal! Lets hope the first batch will be of good quality!
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Let's wait and see the quality of the case. My guess is that it won't come close to the quality we get in a fully sealed case that would cost about $300. Let's not forget they are producing this in Shenzhen, the world capital of knock-off products. My guess is the case costs $30-$40 to produce at most, and possibly less. I'm still going to plan on the purchase of a quality case when they are available. Until them, I'm still happy with their initial offering as a show of good faith.
Too bad i hope ill receive the case but since i live in mexico and preorder it from an authorized dealer and not from DJI it self i might go empty hands
[Quote = "Bjørn Thore, post: 1243, medlem: 321"] Jeg tror alle de pre-ordre vil bli levert med hard saken fra dii, sår jeg tror ikke du skal bekymre deg for det :)[/ quote]
I think all the pre order will be shipped with the hard case from the dii, sow i don't think you should worry about that :)

you Bjorn thore ordered inspire with DJI online store? The case comes with every pre-order, I think it is not included in regular dealer elfun. It comes with extra battery?
Airdrone... i send a email to the norwegian dealer elefun, about these topic. They told me that they could`t confirm the rumers about the traveling case, but they sad that they where informed that the first pach of pre orders will come in another package (hard package) I resume that it is the hard case they are talking about. Bay the way.. I contacted DJI service earlier to day.... and the said that they will ship in late december :D
How long do we have to pre-order to also receive the case? If they announce they will finally ship on 15 Jan, can we place an order on 14 Jan and still receive it?
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well I'm not sure.... they told me that only the first pach will arrive in a different case.... I'm not sure that the 3rd pach will com with the case

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