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Kimberley Region - Western Australian

Jun 7, 2015
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My wife and I recently participated at a special event organised by the conservation group - Australian Wildlife Conservancy. I had sought and received permission to fly my I1, with a number of additional self-imposed rules (not to disturb participants and the wildlife, to fly only with the permission of the event organizer). There were about 18 other guests and any disquiet about "flying drones" quickly evaporated once they saw first hand the capabilities of the I1 and the amazing footage streaming back to the iPad Air 2. I posted the linked video to enable the participants to showcase their experience to their family and friends, and hopefully the number of people feeling positive towards drones will increase. Any comments about the flying and editing would be appreciated. Enjoy.

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Very nice area to fly David.
Maybe it's my personal opinion,but those fast changing of scenery in your editing is a bit too much.
The video for itself is great.
Huppe, Thanks for taking the time to comment. Most of my previous videos had "dissolve transitions" which I felt nicely emphasized the smooth flying of the I1. I tried to be a bit different and match the scene changes to the music and have a faster beat on this video. I tend to agree with what you are saying, and along with the wife that is a consensus then.
No problem.
At first I thought that last night party was the problem or that man with the hammer in my head.;)
I'm also a fan of smooth transitions when the scenery is taken in the same area and fast transitions when changing the scenery.
By the way I like your introduction
First, that's a beautiful area and I'd love a shot at that myself...

I'll agree that the cuts were a bit too fast but I did not find it objectionably so. There are folks here that have posted video with an unending stream of sub-second cuts that had me running for Dramamine but this video, though cut a bit fast for my taste, is not bad.

As it seems the OP has heard this advise perhaps another go at editing this video is in order -- I'd love to see it...


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