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legs and props in shot nag

Aug 30, 2013
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So we have our new Inspire1, (having used an S800Evo with Zenmuse for the last year) and have to say it's fantastic.

BUT - yet again, even with the camera at 90 deg or even pointing down a bit, the propellers and legs often appear in the shot if accelerating at any reasonable speed or banking. This is so annoying as we were convinced that having always had this issue with the evo and seeing the new leg raising feature of the inspire this would no longer be an issue. It can of course be avoided, but already we have found that if you need to fly fast for a shot to be slowed in post and need to turn the inspire on a path and so the camera op can track an object, the legs and/or props come into shot ruining that perfect take! Its as though somehow the gimbal needs to be mounted even lower, slightly or a narrower FOV on the camera. Or of course shoot in 4K and crop, filling up untold hard drives!!

Still, besides that flaw, this really is a top bit of kit, and once the few bugs are ironed out will be even better. All for a bargain price of £3k! Nice work DJI !!

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