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Lily Drone!

WTF. Crazy launch process! Waterproof, toss it and go, follow function and 1080p 60fps. Seems too good to be true

500 bucks? Heck, I'd buy one
Saw this on Uncrate.com. Looked like another neat little quad. There are just so many like it now though.
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Until you forget to check the battery and chuck it off a bridge...


soooooo i thought the inspire was kinda suppose to be doing this sorta stuff already... wtf is the hold up?
DJI is taking a different approach to adding cool features like this to their line-up. Namely, the SDK. We are planning to add support for the Inspire 1 to our current app:

Email [email protected] if you want to join the beta test or have questions about the features.

a different approach to adding features? ha! big mistake pal, you shouldn't had said that.

by different you mean advertising features pre-release like point of interest, waypoints, ground station, follow me will all be available when they are not, then not give any kind of time frame when they will come out. instead of adding features with firmware updates DJI instead in fact takes away features and further restricts what the inspire can do so it does less then it did at launch.

i can look at the google play store right now and see features in the new pilot app that are not there in a version that doesn't exist but is described as being there on DJI's site and on the description.

doesn't matter, DJI are lairs, everybody knows it. when the I2 comes out no one will touch it.
It is not if, but when we will see news reporting of owner of "drone" gets his/her hand chopped off at launching the Lily toy... walking lawsuit in the making... A quad of that size is dangerous, no matter how many smiley face it has. Hold on, there is more, the remote controller (tag) is actually Round with dark buttons on its edges. I wounder how new owners will react in a panic looking for the right button to guide the craft.

This maybe the most irresponsible "drone" toy to-date that will lead to more law and policies banning the community. Thank you, but NO thank you!
so easy to tell when someone hasn't been to a real R/C flying field before once in their life or even into a hobby store. your inspire is 10 times more dangerous then the lily. why don't you go check out the electric competition gliders that fly 100mph. or a gas powered air plane, both of those will cut your arm or leg off and you would never see it coming, maybe hear it.

funny those never get any bad publicity in the news.... wonder why... oh yeah, idiots don't buy those kinds of aircraft.

i have a 450xl t-rex helicopter that has a head speed of 2500 rpm with wooden blades that do no break on contact with skin. you wanna talk about dangerous? the inspire is maybe a couple hundred at full throttle. you have no idea what your talking about.
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