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Linear Throttle Curve

Aug 7, 2013
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Having gained sufficient stick time with the Inspire now I wanted to go out and fine tune it to exactly the feel I wanted.
I have always been a little surprised that there is an expo curve applied as default to the throttle on the Inspire. Coming as I do from CP Heli's I have always been used to a very linear throttle response and have found the curve applied to that channel made it feel a bit mushy and sluggish on climb outs. So today I have played around with the expo values and applied a completely flat throttle curve. After doing so I am much happier with the feel of the flight.
I have also dialled down the attitude gain just a touch to dull down the very aggressive breaking.
Extremely happy how this thing flies and I REALLY took it through its paces this morning. I wasn't interested in video or photos for this mornings flights but purely banging some stick time.
Came back with a big grin on my face and didn't even shoot any video, just hurled the inspire through some nasty G Forces. I have to say, this thing is rock solid.:p
I too come from flying CP heli's for about 8 years and I have pushed my I1 through its paces to see how exactly it handles and I gotta say I have as much fun if not more just flying the I1 around than I might have had with my heli's! It handles very smooth and solidly, but will move and flow a lot like a CP heli! I've been very pleased with its flight characteristics! Definitely some smoothing on the cyclic side as far as expo might go would be good, but overall I like it!
Can you share your attitude gain adjustment?
Nooooo .... It's more secret than something that's very secret that's then been made secret(er)

Sure, all I did was drop down the attitude gain to 95. I tried 90 but found that a little too relaxed for the kind of response I was after and was more like my Hex in the way it came to a stop. I like the fast breaking on the Inspire but just wanted it dulled down a little.
My throttle curve I made totally flat.

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