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Linking the Remote Controller for the First Time

Jan 7, 2015
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I've found the "red"button on the front of the Inspire 1, but what would you use to press the button without damaging the button and how long does it take to sync with the controller? I'v tried a small flat tip screw driver, but doesn't seem to work. any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
I used the instructions on page 32 & 33 of the Inspire 1 Users Manual to link the remote controller for the first time. I get a flashing blue light on the controller and on the Inspire the tail light is a flashing yellow.
Out of curiosity did you try it before linking? They should have come bound.
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yes I did .. I followed the "quick setup guide" and after about a couple hours I looked at the "Instructions" and they have the remote as part of the setup when you extend the legs ... I'm not sure if I damaged the linking button. I called DJI and received a RMA to have it looked at in CA. I would loved just to get it going so I could updated the firmware for the Inspire and then get flying.
Well this really stinks and I wish I could help you more. Hopefully someone can chime in soon before you ship it out with some better instructions.
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Did you buy new, or is there a possibility the previous owner upgraded firmware on only one of either aircraft or remote? They won't link if they're not on matching firmware.

You could try to upgrade both and see if it works then.
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This was a new unit ... I was in the process of trying to extend the legs and upgrade the Inspire. I have already upgrade the remote with no problems. It seems that the remote controller is part of process of extending the legs ...
I have already upgrade the remote with no problems.
Aha, so then you need to update the aircraft too before you can do anything else.

And yes that will have to be with the legs folded as you need the remote to move them. Use 2 chairs...
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Yes it seems that way ... I do have the chairs to do it with ... Maybe I read before doing.
You're not the first... seems there's a reason why the manual tells you to do the aircraft first.
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I updated the inspire to the current firmware and was able to see the Inspire with the controller ... It all seems to be working so far. Thanks for all of the feedback.
I really like DJI but it stinks when you can get more from members than from DJI support over the phone. He fixed with us what they told him to send it in for....
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I think the reason that this group was able to see the problem was because the own and tinker with the product. I don't think that the DJI tech support has all of the product that DJI sell to play with ... and you have to touch and play with it to understand the product and problems.
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For those who can't pair your remote with the inspire after updating the inspire, make sure your remote is also updated to the latest firmware before pairing. I wasted 1hr of my life trying to figure out why my RC was not pairing with the drone and constant blinking yellow light. Turns out you cannot pair a remote with a drone if the firmware on each device is not matching. FYI hope it helps some of you.

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