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Little flight at the lake. Rookie style.

Feb 8, 2015
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Decided to head up to the lake and get some footage of the boats and start to test my comfort level with the Inspire. I had a "Few" surprise at the wrong times thanks to the DJI app and a few known bugs that reeled their ugly head. My biggest scare, 10 feet off the water and a all of a sudden drop in elevation (almost into the back of the boat I was chasing).

On a side note, still cant get it dialed in for direct sun shots. Also the master file is smooth and color is awesome, the second I upload to Youtube its choppy and jerky and looks unnatural. I am using Adobe premier on Windows PC and my settings are the default H.264 Youtube 1080. Any ideas?

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No idea, but your output file is all wrong. It's not 16:9 aspect ratio, and looks really bad on my screen (way thick black bars).

I recommend not to use Youtube presets in your video editing software. that might be the issue. Other than that. great video :)
Yeah Im not sure whats going on. My native files are all 16:9 and I used H264 YouTube 1080 presets on premier and this was the result. Ugh.... Very frustrating. I had to of screwed up someplace.
in premiere, right click on your clip (sitting in the bin) and choose "new sequence from clip". This will make all things right with your clip and edit.
Then the export presets will work fine (youtube, vimeo, etc). I bet this is where your problem is.

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