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Live Flight Broadcasts Using Periscope App

Mar 4, 2015
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Hi all,

I have been using Twitter's live broadcast app Periscope for the last week. There's a load of self-obsessed muppets on there but I have seen some good stuff too.

Naturally I got to wondering if I could somehow attach my iPhone to the Inspire and broadcast what the iPhone was seeing live to the world.

Now I know all about keeping metal, cellphones, bluetooth and all that stuff away from the drone when calibrating the compass. So this afternoon I did a very, very conservative little test flight.

I turned off bluetooth and wifi, stuck the iPhone to the rear of the battery compartment with 3M sticky pads, hit the 'broadcast' button on Periscope and took off. For the first few minutes I hovered at 2 metres and just made very gentle movements back and forth across the lawn. Everything was fine so I gave the watchers a look at the roof of my house and a pear tree full of blossom and then landed.

The live audience of 30 odd people from all around the world loved it. I was pretty damned nervous throughout and I am not planning to go flying long distance or heights with this set up. For a start the props only clear the phone by just over 1cm so if the phone shifts you probably lose that and the Inspire. Expensive!!

It was a lot of fun though. Can anyone think of a way of getting the pictures onto Periscope using the HDMI out on the remote rather than glueing a phone to the Inspire? Periscope uses the phone's camera so I guess we would need a way of directing the Inspire pictures straight to the app and bypassing the camera.

And as all the best TV shows say, "don't try this at home."
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