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Does anyone have any experience using DJI's new "Local Data Mode"?

If so, can you please post your experiences, e.g., which platform, which DJO GO version, iOS or Android, etc?


Currently it’s only in DJI pilot. Pilot supports Mavic and up. It works just fine but no maps or other functionality that requires a connection!

Currently no plans for iOS , only android for DJI pilot. This might change but I wouldn’t hold my breath!
Some info here for you

For those who have not seen it DJI Have introduced Local Data Mode into the Pilot App on Crystalsky,

Please note this App is still in beta so changes are envitable and it’s currently on CS and Android only.

Local data mode makes the App completely offline, there is Logs, Maps or any form or online access

To activate Open Pilot app and select Activate Local Data mode


You will be asked to enter a 6 digit code to authorise, note this is a code you make up not something DJI provide


Passcode in


Once done the app will restart and you will get the basic camera screen


To deactivate its the process


Overall this should make some people happy who are looking for an basic and minimum app for DJI devices but Pilot does lack much of the functionally you may have come accustomed too like Maps and a lot of the in-depth settings and data like Battery info ect, you also can not unlock NFZ or see Geo zones so again it not for everyone.

It is in Beta so it’s early days yet.
In local mode, if you download the maps for a particular flight first, and then switch to local mode, will the maps still display?
A quick follow-up question - I write apps using the dji sdk. The local mode will come to the sdk in a month or two and we are trying to figure out if we can use it for our scenario.
After switching the DJI app on crystal sky to local mode, does this also turn off the wifi? Or is the wifi still turned on while in local mode except now the DJI app appear not to use anything from the internet?

This distinction is important for our use case. It will probably be better for me to follow up with DJI.

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