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Looking a list of Inspire 2 spare parts? Is one available?

May 14, 2018
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Hi. Does anyone know if there's a list of spare parts for the I2. I've searched the forums and didn't see anything. When shopping online I often see "DJI Part No. XXX" For example, I'm looking for the part that attaches the DJI Handwheel 2 to my Cendence Remote. The rosette arm and mount is listed as "DJI Focus Handwheel 2 Inspire 2 Remote Controller Stand" on DJI's website. B&H Photo gives a little more information saying it has manufacturer part number "MFR #CP.BX.000203" and Amazon goes further saying it's "DJI Cendence Part 6" but I've never seen an actually list of parts available (or where available)?

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I started one for the Cendence remote. I'll start working on I2.

Cendence Parts
Part #1 DJI Cendence - Mobile Device Holder (SKU: DJI-INSP2-P39 )
Part #2 DJI Cendence Monitor Mounting Bracket (SKU: #CP.BX.000238)
Part #3 DJI Cendence Part 3 Control Stick Cover (SKU: CP.BX.00000004.01)
Part #4 Support Rig for Cendence Remote Controller - the handle like thing on the front (SKU: CP.BX.00000003.01)
Part #5 DJI Cendence Patch Antenna (SKU: CP.BX.00000002.01)
Part #6: DJI Cendence Stand for Focus Handwheel 2 Remote Controller (SKU: CP.BX.00000040.01

The one for the regular Inspire 2 remote has a different adapter that holds the L shaped bar. The Cendenced is a flat plat. The normal remote has a Y shaped arm that connects to the the controller.
DJI Inspire 2 Focus Handwheel Stand for Remote Controller (either Part #14 or #34, I've seen both)
SKU #CP.BX.000203

Don't know if these are the same
Part #???: DJI CrystalSky & Cendence - WB37 Intelligent Battery (SKU: CP.BX.000229)
Part #???: DJI FPV Remote controller/CrystalSky/Cendence Intelligent Battery (SKU: CP.FP.00000023)
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