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Looking for a pilot in Bristol UK for a shooting job abroad

Aug 3, 2015
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It's not sure yet but I am exploring my options...
I am after a pilot with their own inspire to shoot in Norway with me. My normal pilot and our machine is away abroad on another job and this opportunity has come up. I am also trying to source a pilot in Oslo, which might be easier. But there might be someone out there is Bristol who is up for a fun trip...
No pay. And you'd have to fund your own travel (as am I).
Sounds fantastic, just did a wedding in Spain. No pay I would live with, but fund my own travel as well, sorry.
Best of luck anyway.
I live in the USA . But am willing to shoot abroad. You can text me us 978 844 3013
Wasnt the title "a shooting job abroad"

Interesting to know where the job element comes into it...... maybe the OP should try posting on Craigslist which has long been the domain for advertising opportunities to shoot professional footage for the benefit of someone else whilst not getting any pay ..... and in this case finding an expensive trip to Norway into the bargain.
So to recap
I have a job that needs doing
You have to pay your airfare and hotel because I am having to do the same thing
Use your expensive camera platform and accesories to aquire unique footage for me.
And let me pay you a fair sum for the product and risk .... like lets say nothing ... zero.... zip

Let me know how that goes!

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