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Low Ambient Temperature - Battery Survey

May 7, 2015
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As many of our climates approach summer, this is a strange question to ask, but one I've been thinking about. What are some of the lower temps in which people have flown their Inspires?

I live in Maine and we had a brutal 2014-2015 winter. However, that didn't stop me from flying my old Phantom, which seemed to take temps at about 10ºF pretty well (though I flew a few colder days than that). What about the Inspire? I placed those foam decals on the battery case that come with the unit as I understand their used as an insulating element.

Anyone else? What are some of the lower temps you've flown in?
I received my Inspire in the dead of winter here in Upstate NY. It was one of the coldest winters in recent history with the frost penetrating the ground to the point of bursting city water pipes all around us. There were much colder days but I flew my quad in cold weather well into the negatives (F). I also used the insulators but all my gear was always warm when I started (batteries and quad). The quad would get very cold but the batteries would just cool down. I would not recommend it for long periods but when I flew I saw no adverse effects besides flight time.
Good to know. Thanks.

I did fly my Phantom one morning in February (it was about -2ºF) to get some shots of the sea smoke (that's how you know it's **** cold) and there was a bit of lag in response and it didn't seem to want to venture above about 80ft. Not that I'm complaining. I just wanted to see what others have experienced with this new bird.
If you go back a bit in the topic history on here you'll find tons of experiences about cold. Many of the first owners and posters received their birds between December and February and were definitely not going to wait to fly them :p
I did a quick search, but found mostly issues with the actually battery temp itself. Didn't do much of a thorough look around, though, so I apologize for my redundancy.

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