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M200 Series UK CAA Safety Notice

Nov 28, 2015
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It’s good to know that the CAA have taken action over this issue.

Hopefully it will persuade DJI to take a bit more care over future firmware releases?

Perhaps they might even start to prioritise flight safety over ‘you tube streaming/video editing/small world special effect’ piffle ...
Feb 21, 2018
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The UK CAA have just released this safety notice.

SN-2018/008: Small Unmanned Aircraft - DJI Matrice 200 Series In-Flight Power Failures

It has some suspensions for over flight

In the last week, this has grown on UK media. Last week pretty hard to find articles, now several posted.

Some Matrice 200 Drones Hit by Power Failure Mid-flight, DJI Confirms | Digital Trends

Police drones grounded over power bug

On the FW, from my reading it wasn't a FW failure in new code within the FW but the "lack of" applying the FW to all battery inventory. In previous FW, there was a warning about battery FW not being in sync, but the new FW essentially pops the warning and prevents flight until Battery FW is updated and in sync. The "-" dash indicator next to FW version in DJI Asst 2 indicates not all components are in sync.

The additional issue that the UK notice brought out vs original DJI notice is that you need to perform Battery FW Sync via the DJI Asst 2 and not by responding to the DJI GO4 app.
Possibly suggesting the app isn't correctly applying the FW to the batteries.

So far it appears they UK Police CT Unit is the shop that has experienced the failure in the M200; 2 out of 20. Another article indicated they were moving to the M210 but grounded it as well as a precaution (good move since core electronics the same).

From the reading, not able to determine if it's something not disclosed "beyond" the Battery FW sync or if the Police Unit hasn't performed any FW updates on the Fleet pending time to update 1-2 units and test. This is often the procedure in all Fleet scale electronics, they don't keep current if current FW version are performing.

I do find it odd that so far, the only "sited" incidents have been with this Police CT Unit.

This has become a notice to watch, and see what the outcome brings.

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