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M210RTK Ghost - Really Need Some Help

Mar 17, 2018
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Norfolk, Virginia
I took my M210 RTK with XT2 and Z30 out for a tower inspection in March. When I got back I had no photos on my cards. I kicked myself for not checking my photos on location, but it was a test flight so I wrote it off as operator error. Three days ago I got called out for an emergency. When I set up everything I decide to take a test shot and view it in the app to make sure and there were ALL my photos from March. I kick myself thinking it must have saved them not to the Z30, but some other card. My test photo is there. I fly for two hours, we are checking my photos all the time. I get back from the flight and pull the cards (even the SD card on the M210) and there are no images.

I hook back up the aircraft (exactly as I flew it on Friday) and see if I can see the images in the app (after I put all the cards back). None of the images from Friday are there, and none of the images from March are there. I have used the file explorer on the Crystal Sky, they are not in internal memory. The CS has no extra SD cards in the side (and it never did). I can see my flight in the flight log, and it has a couple of images taken from Friday as reference, but I can't find my images ANYWHERE. Please, somebody, tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Mar 30, 2017
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Florida, Palm Bay / Melbourne
Did you get any answer from the DJI Forum on this? I suspect not as they are supposed to be on the Z30 sd card. Did you try switching out the SD card with another one and see if the same problem exists?
I've not hear of this happening but i sure as heck don't want to see it on mine in the future!!
I've had my share of SD card warnings like "No SD Card Found" when there was a card in there. But that was easily solved by removing and replacing the card.
I have had one instance of a sandisk card going dead on me in the past too.

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