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Made a run around my house.

Wow your house is stunning!

I totally believed that you were flying the I1 in your house until I seen your reflection in the fireplace holding the I1! Plus none of the leaves on the plants were moving from the props.

Beautiful house mate!
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Thanks everyone!... You are correct, I was holding the I1 in the house. Just wanted to demonstrate the inside ability of the camera while holding. It's pretty steady. P.S. I do not have a wife, therefore, I have an I1. ;)I got lucky and built this house in 2001 before materials got so high. I built it for $58 a square ft ($106,000) And the 12 acres of land for $20,500. Hard to do these days. Not very pretty at this point, maybe I'll do another shoot when things green up in a couple of months.
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It's called an A-Cap. It prevents back drafting when the winds change direction, so your house don't get smokey. It kind of creates a vacuum as well.
Ha!... Have a couple of toys, but nothing crazy. Im a pretty simple person, no boats, motorcycles or jetskis, or whatever. I enjoy the bachelor life. I have a weekend girlfriend, and that works out for me just fine. You piss one off... Go to the next one, it's pretty simple. DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating divorce.. It was harder than Chinese algebra to go though. Approach at your own risk. :)
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You're one of the smart ones, I built my house, then bought an I1, and now headed for divorce. All in this order. I too have a boarder collie but she hides when the bird comes out - runs back inside.
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