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Maps not Loading on iOS app

Nov 19, 2014
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Florida, USA
Has anyone experienced the maps not loading when zooming in on the iOS app?

The maps work perfect on my main iPad mini2, but recently have stopped loading on my other iPad mini2 that's the dedicated camera op tablet. When I zoom out to show the whole state of Florida it works, but when zooming in the tiles will not load or are totally blurry. I'm connected to wifi, and have tried deleting app and re installing, but that does not work. The maps used to work fine for me, but no longer.
I'm lost. Please elaborate o_O

I think Jerry was asking if my "Maps" app that comes on the iPad works like it should. In other words, can I zoom in and out at all different scales, pan around and overall works like it should? The answer is yes.

However, in the DJI Pilot app on one of my iPad Mini2, the maps will not load when I zoom in to anything tighter than a county level. This does work however on my other iPad Mini2.

I'm stumped because this worked before, but no longer. It's not a huge deal because the camera operator rarely needs to see the maps, but sometimes I use my second controller as a viewer for someone that just wants to ride along and it's nice to be able to show them where the i1 is on the map.
I wasn't in airplane mode and no maps won't load in airplane mode.

But it is working now. I rebooted the iPad and now the maps work fine. I feel kind of stupid because that's technology 101: if it's not working, shut it down and restart it!!:oops:

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