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Matrice 200 controller not connecting

Jul 24, 2020
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Hi all - was surfing trying to find an answer but think easiest to post here and let y'all help me out -

While flying our M-200 today it lost connection with the controller - fortunately the auto return to home worked exactly as it was supposed to and successfully did a RTH - and everything is back in the case undamaged.

Now the controller will not connect to the M-200 - have tried most everything could think of; re-link, master / slave, multiple restarts - etc. So looking for thoughts, advice, suggestion....

Thanks !!!
Sharing a bad experience we had 2 months ago wherein while flying our M210 v1 in a big park(no electrical installations of any sort), we lost signal and immediately switched into ATTI with absolutely no response. The UAV started flying away as we all looked on in shock and the pilot started running in the direction with the controller and regained a signal just prior to it crashing into a tree and was able to land it. All software updated and still so signal. Downloaded the files then shipped it to DJI who assessed it was a GPS Module failed and needed replacing. Because it was out of warranty, there was a charge and I was blown away by the cost and have opted not to repair it. Could it be your GPS Module starting to give trouble? We had no previous issue nor signs that the GPS was going to fail on us.
Good that you saved it. Sometimes we get lucky. Me personally, I would get the aircraft to another facility if possible for a second opinion, as I have been down the repair path(not am m series)with DJI and wasn’t totally convinced that they were looking out for my best interest.
And hopefully my m series will not follow your path.
Thanks for the heads up and good luck. Please update when you can.
Maybe you’ll get lucky again and find a cable that came loose.

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