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Missed Marketing Opportunity?

Jul 18, 2016
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I'm just wondering how everyone else feels about this.

Does anyone else find it surprising that DJI isn't offering the various head assemblies as a separate purchase for the OSMO? Specifically, the X3+ and the iPhone gimbals.

Maybe I'm alone, but I'd like to have one of each of these, but I'm unwilling to pay for two more handles in order to get one. why doesn't DJI seize this opportunity instead of leaving money on the table? I'm betting there are a lot like me that would buy the heads if they were available separately. I may even buy one more complete, but I certainly don't need every one "at the ready."
I appreciate that but you're missing the point. It doesn't have the zoom of the Z3 and I can't use my Osmo with JUST my phone.
Sorry, I was under the impression you owned either the Osmo or the Osmo Mobile, and wanted to purchase the one you did not already own.
For anyone that comes here and sees this, I have since learned from a DJI dealer that the phone handle and the Osmo handle are not the same so the heads would not be interchangeable.

I cannot verify the authenticity of this personally, but thought I'd pass along what I was told.
This is correct, I've learned that from the DJI Forum as well. The phone handle is built into the Osmo handle, and the gimbal on that handle is not interchangeable.

I agree that this is a missed marketing opportunity, I would've liked to be able to use my future X5 Osmo with my iPhone standalone for trips etc.
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