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mixing roll and yaw sticks

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Is it known if there will be a possibility in the future to mix the roll and yaw stick for one hand operation?
You can do this now by changing the stick mode in the Pilot App. The default Mode 2 has climb/yaw on left and forward/sideways on right. There are 2 other pre-defined modes and one user-defined mode (4) available. There is no roll as such but you can combine yaw/sideways on one stick and climb/forward on the other.
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Thanks Scotflieger. Unfortunatly as I am also a mode 2 RC-airplane hobbyist, I can't make changes to the modes. This would effect the intuitive reactions I have developed over the years in mode 2. Otherwise this would have been just the answer I was looking for.

Perhaps I should make a suggestion to DJI for future software that makes it possible to mix two functions in a user defined percentage towards one stick-movement. So when I move the right-hand stick to the left, some clockwise yaw would be added to the movement via the software.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your suggestion.
I have achieved something similar of what you seeking by simultaneously putting a left stick yaw and right stick together to fly the I1 along an arc. These small inputs allow me to circle a point of interest while filming.
That's exactly what I need it for. Will do some practise and see how it works.
That's exactly what I need it for. Will do some practise and see how it works.
Rob, I would recommend you to just practice, as much as you can. Sometimes I am just tired of filming in my town and I go to a part and start practicing like for example circling a tree or any skill that you would like to develop. If you wail for modifications in the app I have to say that, the less help I have from the app the better pilot I become.

(if you just want it simpler I saw that the solo from 3dr has circling and cable to help the pilot with this issue)

Obviously just a comment, I love the I1 and more new features to come for it.

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