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My custom Inspire 1 gear/upgrades

May 27, 2015
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So I started to put my 3d printer to good use and start printing some stuff for my Inspire. Some of the designs can be found on thingiverse, some I made myself, and others I got from thingiverse but changed them.

Less chatter and more pictures!
Here is the whole thing, still a work in progress but it's where I'm at now:


From the looks of it, might seem the case wont be able to close, but everything fits perfectly.

Now for details:

On the top part of the case, you see a while rectangular thing. It's basically a box that fits perfectly in the hole, so I can stick the props in there - this way when I close the case the props dont fall to the bottom. I will probably upgrade it in the near future, but for now its the solution I made for that. Once I get a second remote, Ill have to thing of something else because if there is a remote there, the case doesn't close.

A closer look:


One of the first things that started to be damaged and wear out, was the case holes for the motors. I dont really know why, since they should fit in the center, but mine started to break. I printed some protections and hot glued them to the case - no more issues and my original case will last longer!

Pic or didn't happen!


In this picture you can see the damage that was done previously, and the protection that will prevent it from being damaged further.

Next up, the nifty case!


Another battery shaped box to keep stuff in. I printed this in blue for some reason, but will print more in white and probably replace this one. I love those cases!

I'm not sure why DJI didnt make a lid for the camera, but I made one


It has a small hole to fit a but of string on it, I'm not sure why, wouldn't really want a plastic lid flying around along side with the camera. But the lid works perfectly.

Last but not least, the shade for my Oneplus One


Unfortunately, im not fast enough to be able to take a picture of the phone on the remote , using the phone itself. It's like the situation where you aren't fast enough to lock a drawer with the key inside.
The original model from thingverse fits the Iphone 6 if I'm remembering correctly. I changed the design to fit my Oneplus One, and now it fits perfectly, you are going to have to take my word for it. I will print an even better version of this soon, and in black to absorb the light better. This one works fine, but why not!

Anyway, hope you like this post. If you want to print any of this, just go to thingiverse.com and search for "inspire 1", you will find most of those designs there. My custom designs I can send you via email if you want, or if you dont have a printer but would like to own one of these, I'm sure we can work something out. I dont have an online shop to sell stuff like this, should I? tell me what you think! Just a note, if I had a store, I would sell only upgraded versions of the stuff you see here, with paint treatments and sanding and proper colors and stuff like that.

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