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Need help setting up slave controller

Dec 25, 2013
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I've been struggling setting up the slave controller. I would not cooperate at all with an IOS device on the master and an Android device on the slave. So I swapped the devices back and forth.

I can get the slave controller to recognize the master and set as slave. But I've got no gimbal control, or camera feed. The feed remains on the master. The light on the slave glows purple, and not green. The choices for C1 and C2 are not the same as the master either.

Do I need to go thru the link routine on the slave? If I do that, does it delink from the master? The manual is not very thorough on setting this up. Plus the apps aren't identical to each other.

_ Never mind - figured it out. Don't need to link. What the manual doesn't tell you is that you have to tap on the master controller from the list on the slave device. Then you can request link and request gimbal control. Confirmation messages appear on the master device, that you also must confirm. Once it's working correctly, the light on the slave controller glows light blue.
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