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Need some RAW 4K Video from the Inspire 1, please :0)

Apr 13, 2015
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Dublin, Ireland
Hi All,
I'm getting an Inspire 1 in the next 4-6 weeks(I hope) and was wondering if anyone would have any RAW video direct from the camera I could use for testing on my editing software?
It won't be uploaded anywhere, its just so i can have a play with it and see how best to deal with it on my system.
I'll be using After Effects CS6 and Premiere Pro CS6 for most of the editing I think as I'm most familiar with them(mostly after effects really).

Hope someone can help :0)

I will send you some more this weekend and I will film them all in log. If you have any particular settings you wish to play with just let me know.
I am sharing my footage with someone who is more than likely a better grader than myself of footage (I am positive he is better than I). I want to see how he grades my footage and learn from his experience. I appreciate your insight InspiredOne and I am aware of my exclusitivty no longer being of my own. Besides it is not that great of footage although, after he grades it may be?
No need to worry, i wont steal anything :0)

So far the testing is good and I can work quite well within After Effects with the raw 4k video. I know most people use Premiere Pro for this sort of thing, but my workflow in After Effects is so ingrained in me its easier to do it in that. Plus my PC is a monster so no worries about a performance hit using grading tools in AE instead of Premiere Pro.

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