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NEW accessories for the Inspire 1!!!!!!!

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Feb 23, 2015
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I was all excited when I hovered over the Product tab at dji.com and then moved down to the Inspire section and it lit up with the NEW blue icon next to Inspire 1 Accessories. I was thinking .......YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, the hand held gimbal, but I was quickly disappointed when the only new accessory was the battery charging hub. Its only real function, is it stops you from having to unplug and plug into your next battery when charging up to 4 batteries, it does not charge them any faster and it also does not charge your controller at the same time.

Yeah, that charging hub is worthless. It basically allows you to leave 4 lipos unattended for 6 hours while they charge... one at a time.. at 100 watts...
Seriously? It only charges one at a time? WHy not just charge all 4 at the same time..sheeeesh that useless.
So, It selectively charges one at a time? at least allow a couple of more connections for 2-3 battery chargers. Why one?
$90 bucks US, what a rip-off!
Who needs that crap, how about ground station, (the main reason I bought an I1)
..... It basically allows you to leave 4 lipos unattended for 6 hours while they charge... ...

Which is NEVER a good idea! - You should never leave lipos unattended while charging so....DJI are now selling something that promotes bad practice. Brilliant!

Another piece of useless hardware - I will stick with one charger per battery for now.
I think the premise behind charging lipos is you don't leave them unattended. The smart batteries have a way of measuring voltage and resistance to each individual cells and can regulate and shut off if they fall out of parameters. Which would make them so much more safer to go off and leave. Not completely safe as lipos can flare up quickly. I'd worry far less about smart batteries on a flat area of pavement in my garage than a standard heli lipo battery. I'd never charge any of them inside my home unattended though. I have a smoke detector right above my charging area in my garage where I can go off and leave them while inside my home.
I dont know who thought of this but for me this is useless. Even the so called rapid charger isnt a rapid charger. anything less than 2C I wouldnt consider rapid charging. where is the charger that allows charging of the pack in lets say 20 minutes all rc chargers are able to do that with the right power supply anything else is a waste of time or a reason to buy more packs which I believe is DJIs intention in the first place ...
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