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`New Inspire Connection Lost

May 28, 2015
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Well Hello Everyone I am looking for some help. I just purchased my second Inspire and when I update everything and flew it for the first time I get disconnected on the pilot app. I starts doing it after about 1-2 minutes of the inspire being on. I have tried it with both android and Apple and get the same reaction. I was hovering about 5 feet in front of me and I recorded a video, however the app showed that I kept disconnecting. What can I do to see what might be causing this problem. Also can I connect my other controller to this inspire to see if its an USB issue on controller, If so HOW. Thanks
To answer your second question first, Shane, check page 32 of the Inspire 1 manual -- it shows how to "link" a Remote Controller to the I1.

How do you have the two antennas oriented on the remote controller that's given you the problem?

straight up and down like it shows in manual also thanks I did find the linking part in the manual. I am just hoping its not a usb issue or something worse I have only had this one for 3 days and dont want to send to DJI for the next 3 months

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