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New Inspire "Rattle"

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Help' started by jdpeagle, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. jdpeagle

    Dec 31, 2015
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    Longtime lurker and new poster here.

    I've combed the forums, but I can't seem to find a similar (documented) issue/observation. My new Inspire (approximately 4 hours of flight time) has a discernible intermitant high-pitched "rattle" or "ringing." I can only further describe the sound as "tinny." The sound is often attributed to "loading" maneuvers (acceleration, yawing and ascending) and not ever-present. Let me also say that only a few people can hear it (so it is not noticeable to all who listen for it). Additionally, all motors spin freely and without noise when manually manipulated (no freeplay), no motor is perceptively warmer than the other after a flight, and all arms/fasteners appear to be secured upon inspection. I have flown without the gimbal attached, and the rattle still seems to be present during the above described phases of flight.

    Again, the flight performance and characteristics seem to be unaffected, I do not believe there to be an issue with the motor bearings, and I cannot determine the exact source of the low-volume high-pitched rattle. Since I have not been around any other Inspires, I am not sure if this is simply a common/normal sound. Thanks in advance for your experiences!
  2. The Editor

    The Editor Moderator
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    Aug 7, 2013
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    If you are not used to it it may be the 'ringing' you hear from new motors/bearings.
    If it is the noise I think you are referring to - all normal and I wouldn't worry.
    The fact that some can't hear it implies it is high pitched which is the sound I am referring to.