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New Matrice 100 owner

May 12, 2020
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Hello I recently purchased a Matrice 100 which has two battery bays. Obviously one on the bottom and one on top. I was told to power up the battery that is tied to the main board but that I can't see which one that is. Is it usually the bottom battery bay? Picture attached.

Also I went in to sync the previous flights to see how many hours and flights were flown with the previous owner. It only showed my one flight however is there a way to erase the flights that were flown by the previous owner?


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I also have an M100. Love the bird. You can insert both batteries, but make sure that you power-up the lower one first, then power up the top one. Not sure about erasing the previous flight info. That is a Go app question. What are you using the M100 for>
Thank you. Well nothing specific. What caught my attention to the Matrice 100 was the dual battery capability and the ability to use a Zenmuse XT cam. I was watching drone websites for a good deal on a Matrice 100 and then last week while perusing through Craigslist I found one for sale. A local company here in the Twin Cities had ten M100's up for sale for $1000 each and only a few flights on each and no cam.

I had been powering the bottom battery on the M100 up first so I got that correct. So far so good. I just received two brand new TB48D's from Drone Nerds and now I want to somehow mount a 4K runcam to the M100 which should be lighter payload then the X3 and see what type of flight time I get.
The X3 is so light, I don't think you will get measurable increase in flight time. Flying a Zenmuse XT, I get about 35 minutes with 2 batteries. Also where are the other M100s? What city? I might buy one for a spare.

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