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New Multi-Controller App from Autoflight Logic - Control More Than One Quadcopter With One Transmitt

Sep 29, 2015
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Have you ever wanted to control more than one quadcopter with a single transmitter?

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of “MultiController” - part of Autoflight Logic’s Suite of applications which include Autopilot, Airspace, and Autoframe.

This video demonstrates and introduces the power of MultiController - as a single transmitter is used to control two Inspire’s and a P3. The applications for search and rescue, entertainment, and even things like painting and seeding are endless. We’re still working through the quirks that come from weak GPS, barometer, and the impact of wind and we need to work through some legal and FAA hurdles, but we’re looking for Beta users for the eventual release of the solution.

Feedback is welcome.

i have two I1's :D i am in :)
edit: I am not rich enough yet to afford three DJI units... but the possibility is awesome. AFL has done it on e again :)

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All -

Due to multiple problems with quadcopters crashing into each other when testing Multi-Controller, the FAA’s stern warnings against this type of an application, and the fact that it was April Fools, we have decided to pull back the beta release of Multi-Controller.

Many of the concepts explored in Multi-Controller - most notably a web based UI and further use of Airspace - honestly hope to be implemented as we enhance both Autopilot and Autoframe.

Happy April 2nd, and back to reality.. :)

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