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New Props and Adapters arriving

Aug 9, 2014
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I received three sets of two props today as well as two sets of the prop adapters. Not sure if I will jump in right away but I would like the quick set up option. The email I received from DJI said not to re-use the screws without putting a little more of the proper thread-lock on there since they come pre-coated for first use only, so you can't really switch back and forth easily (if you wanted to for some reason.)

Props2.jpg Props.jpg

Email from DJI:
Dear DJI Inspire 1 Customer,

The screws that come with the new 1345S Quick-Release Propellers for your Inspire 1 have been pre-coated with one-time use thread locker.

If you replace the mounting plates and securing springs, or if you remove the screws for any reason, note that that the one-time use thread locker will be used up. Please use any remaining unused pre-coated screws or use your own liquid thread locker to secure the screws in place when re-assembling the mounting plates.

We highly recommend that you only use liquid thread locker that is removable.

Note: Do not put any thread locker on the mounting plates to prevent corrosion and damage.

Thank you,
I like the new quick release set up but i do feel a little more at ease with the screw on version and the prop locks, what really turned me off was the fact that you only have about 200 flights on them for me 200 flights is not gonna take a long time and someone also posted that there is a lil play in the new props once you install them, so am not really anxious to try them anymore if they come they come but if you decide to go with the quick releases let us know how you like them, if you notice any difference in flight time, stability etc.
DJI SHOULD ADD to their MANUAL that the 4 screw holes on the motors are not the same distance. One diagonal set of holes and only this set match up perfectly with the Quick release propeller adapters. Look carefully and it should line up on one pair vs the other. Was not obvious...as one actually mounted but there was stress on the screw and screw hole and it almost stripped. So if you wear glasses put them on and make sure you have a perfect alignment and the screws will drop right in...I was not so fortunate and stripped one hole but luckily had the m6 thread tap and cleaned it out.

I notified DJI to add this to their instructions seeing as I was on support for an hour and they could not figure it out and basically thought they had a manufacturing issue. They have been notified. YAY IT WORKS!


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