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Nov 9, 2016
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Hello all,

Firstly I'm new to flying the dji inspire one and so far I haven't been able to take off for two reasons

It is asking for an update so following the online guide I put the bin file onto an sd card and put it into the gimble, the gimble goes limp ( see second problem for gimble problem) and I have beeping from the props the camera doesn't make a noise I left it for 40 mins the tone changed but went back to the normal beeping from the props, this had now stopped the handset from talking to the drone and no longer see the camera feed.

The second problem is the gimble seems to have taken a knock and on inspection seems ok before i tried to update it would spin round but then go to motor overload then go limp I took it apart and checked the motor and connections and put it back together when connected to the go app I can manually move the gimble but it thinks it's hit its maximum points ( looking up and down ) when it hasn't.

I'm sorry if I've been vague but I can add more info I'm in the Cheshire area and looks like I have my self an inspire brick, I'm hoping someone could put it into simple turms for me to under stand

Thanks guys

Being new to the Inspire here's one tip that you must burn into your brain; you have to read the update instructions and follow them to the letter or you're going to be stuck up sh6t's creek. Most likely you're going to have to update the bird, the controller and your batteries and in the order that the instructions tell you.

In a last ditch effort you can re-pair your remote with your copter if you've exhausted all other options.

Question, does the app register any info from the quad or the batteries?
Firstly Thank you for the reply

i have been watching how to videos to the upload process but i fear I'm down the river with out a paddle
after leaving the copter for over an hour i only hand noise coming from the motors...
the controller now connects to the inspire and CAN get battery information and Singal strength act
but says the gimble is disconnected even though i have a video feed and then comes up with an error see photo

kind regards



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Sorry I forgot to mention the aircraft now starts up it doesn't do its gimble test but it beeps and I canto do a lot on the app it looks like it's failing to update so I'm in limbo
Take your gimbal off the bird and make sure none of the connector pins are bent.
Thanks long story short gimble is faulty and had to take it apart :( it was stuck in like a limbo mode between updates hence the aircraft beeping I managed to get the gimble to update it but no I need to buy a new one due to motor overload and it not knowing its position

I have a broken x3(just the gimbal arm and ribbon cable).....I have been meaning to fix it as I can source the parts, everything else is fine(motors etc). As you probably know the gimbal arms are pretty weak in certain areas and mine broke after a slight altercation with a tree :)
If you are reasonably handy you could use the parts and fix yours and save yourself a few quid...pm me if interested as I have a new one so it's just sitting around and am willing to sell it.

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