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New to POST: Audio for your video

Aug 21, 2015
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I am new to the entire POST process as a whole. Unfortunately, I do not have experience with photography as many others have had, when editing video footage. Therefore, it is a whole new experience for me. I didn't want to cover general editing workflow or tips in this thread, but rather I wanted to focus the topic on sounds.

The Inspire 1 doesn't record audio, therefore I cannot get away with pushing a video to YouTube with random rotor noise (not like I would be able to get away with it anyways, as most would stop watching anyhow). Hence, I have to mate an audio track to the video footage. It sounds simple enough, but as an inexperienced editor - it is very intimidating to me. Coming from a non-artistic background, I am lost on the selection, application, and general usage.

I was hoping those experienced in this area could post some of their thoughts, tips, or general advice. It seems like audio is often overlooked or given a lesser priority to video editing, yet I feel the sound is what glues the entire footage together and either makes or kills a video. Hence, I am looking for advice from those knowledgeable in this area.

Some initial questions:
- Where to get the music?
(free sites like freemusicarchive.org, freestockmusic.com, etc) or what paid libraries?
- Tips for Transitions/Loop when one song isn't long enough for the video footage?
- Tips for matching the songs to video clips/scene transitions?
- Links to additional information or thoughts on the subject?

Aug 26, 2013
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premiumbeat.com for my money gives the best value for stock music tracks. The beauty of it is pretty much all tracks come with both a full set of loops as well as 15, 30 and 60 second versions of the song, so they are quite easy to customize for length and builds.
Audiojungle is pretty solid as well and they are cheaper.
Free stock music usually sucks, but if it's just for playing around with and not for any commercial projects it would do the trick depending on how modern of a sound you are after.

Regarding music editing, if you have an ear for music you will have an easier time. I find it simple to cut let's say a 3 minute track down to a shorter length and then build the video around that with the build and climax around the 2/3 to end mark of the video. That's pretty formulaic but works well. If you don't have an ear for music or a good sense of rhythm it will be more difficult, thus the predetermined loops/lengths set that will make things pretty easy.

Finally, always try to cut to the rhythm of the music for videos like this (i.e. a compilation of scenics). If you don't, the viewer will sense something is off but won't really be sure what it is. Timing your cuts to flow with the song is key and is essential to creating a solid final piece.
Jul 17, 2015
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Austin, TX
You can also get free music from YouTube, if available where you are. Here in the US I can go to my channel and the Video Manager and I can choose to edit my video there and they have free music that you can download. I copy to my local HD, and then use it in video editor directly as a sound track. You can use any video editor like iMovie, Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, etc.. Just add the sound track by importing the music. If you are using a Mac, add it to iTunes, create a playlist for Video Tracks, makes it easier to find them, and then choose the one you want to use. You can also layer in different sounds like use the music as the primary track, and then add sound effect tracks by layering them on top of the music one and then changing the volume of them so that you hear the sound effects over the music. But basic stuff, just add to video editing app.

Also look up YouTube videos on using the video editing app you are using and they will show you how to add sounds/music.

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