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Nice try OC.

Mar 17, 2015
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Right Above You
Since there are lots of awesome, successful shots being shared I decide to share a so-so video.

The issue I faced was the wind between the berms during the afternoon. I had to constantly fight the strong stop and go above 10 feet plus the uplift it also creates. Anyways here is the video.

BTW: before any flames begin, all of the participants signed a waiver and consent to filmed and also approved the Inspire 1 to fly over their heads.

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Me likey :)

I like how everyone stayed focused on what they were doing and didn't even look at the bird.
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Sahweet. Very familiar with the range as you know OC. Looked great and a really good way to save ammo while still shooting :).
I am so going to hell for this...... FOUR!!!!!

Nice shots and nice to know somebody that could set that up. Yeah im sure the safety nazi's are chomping at the bit to say something. Good call on the disclaimer!


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you mean that guy that says "forget this paper target crap, moving targets are a lot more fun!" lol

I do a little pistol shooting but I prefer to live my life 100 yards, 500 yards and 1000yards at a time. I shot moving targets at 500 in Arizona and it was a blast!!!!!! but then again they were 3 ft off the ground and not flying around the sky. :)
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I was asked if I'd like to see a drone shot out of the sky by a sketchy neighbor of a friend of mines. I told him I wouldn't. But a planned shoot and somebody else dime... Yah that would be fun :). I'm pretty sure "that guy" is him! Even if we wouldn't like to see it.
I know why they didn't shoot at your Inspire.They couldnt here you with there earcovers.;).
But you were right with your diclaimer,
Like it anyway.Can you tell me what music you used?I don't think it's the Smiths.

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