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OmniDrone Aerial Presents: A Collection of Epic Drone Video

Nice! Lot's of water up there! Shot with an Inspire?
Soooo much water - Minnesota may be "The Land of 10,000 Lakes," but Wisconsin has 15,000 (List of lakes in Wisconsin - Wikipedia). Fortunately I live right on the border meaning I have access to 25,000 lakes. :cool: This was not shot with an inspire, though I thought you guys might enjoy a look and perhaps have some feedback for me. There's always much to be improved and online communities such as this are ideal environments for learning and growing, in my opinion.

One of my favorite shots from the video - which coincidentally may be why it is also the YouTube thumbnail photo :)

Some nice countryside up there for sure. Looks like Mavic footage to me rather than Inspire? Are you using a Mavic for your company services or do you have other UAV's?

I did find the playback quite jerky, how did you export/process the video?
I am currently using a Mavic but am going to upgrade potentially to an Inspire in the future.

I'm teaching myself video production using Adobe Premiere, and to be honest am still learning best practices for exporting/processing. I think one of the biggest things I am unsure about - which may very well be the cause of jerky playback - is the bit rate at which I should export with in order to maintain video quality without excessively increasing the file size? As I understand it, higher bit-rate = better quality but is there a point of diminishing return?

EDIT: or maybe I'm way off. Help would be appreciated :) thanks in advance lol

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