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Orthophotos with Inspire 1

Apr 1, 2015
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Hi all, im opening this thread just couse we started debating orthophotos in another thread and i dont want to go offtopic there

so a few weeks ago i took this pics of my cousin heliport/hangar and made an orthophoto with Pix4D (9 photos)

and today i will be doing more testing with this, couse i got a call from a town goberment, who wants to use some drone to do this year cataster and i need to check if i can do it with I1 or i will need to buy another drone, for example, a X8-M from 3DR


  • test_mosaic_group1.jpg
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for ortho work its all about the camera and how you reference the shots to the IMU
At present I do many orthos using a Phantom 2, GoPro with a 5.4mm lens and DJI Ground Station. I do have flytrex Core 2 for the GPS data but I tend to use the georeferencer plugin in QGIS to tag the mossaic out of Photoscan Pro. I get amazing results. Not very exciting images to most so I don't post them. This is mainly for archaeological work.

I will be moving to an Inspire shortly with the anticipation of waypoints coming soon. In Ireland here I need something to fly in stronger winds. I plan to strap my RX100 to it belly to get the 20 megapixel images. The Inspire suits me as it's RTF, I am not an RC or modeller guy.

Anyway, great discussion topic.
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well first test with 9 picture with everything in default settings looks good enought

now i did a first flight at 70mts heigh taking 109 images with 5 sec time lapse, flying at 5m/s - 7m/s trying to have 50% overlaping
and a second flight at 120mts heigh taking 135 images, same time lapse, same speed
Excellent steady grid there man! We'll done. I get lazy with waypoints! It's nice that the Inspire geotags the images too. Although for real accuracy I use ground control points of known long/lat.

i have the 4 corners location(lat/long) of the terrain just below my pictures, taken by proffesional GPS, to check my resutls precisition
Here's one I did, its an area about 80m square. I think the Inspire handled it pretty well, just needs photos taken at a reasonable level.


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ok, i have the ortho from first flight

PS: its scaled, original GeoTiff was 330mb, original size JPG was 70mb


  • hangar_mosaic_group1(small).jpg
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Nice. Did you just have the camera pointed directly down, and set to timelapse, and then fly a steady grid route?
exactly, camera pointed 90° (down), time lapse 5 secs and first flight testing the speed(5-7 m/s) and altittude (70mts), changed to map view and tried to make a grid

now im going to make 2nd flight mosaic
yes, i did with pix4d using the 1 week free pro license

but that was just 28 hectares

if i get the contract for the town goberment, i will need something more practical, it might be 5k hectares, and im really thinking about buying a X8+ + camera and renting pix4d monthly
the orthophoto of the second flight


  • hangar2_mosaic_group1(small).jpg
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