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Osaka & Kyoto Japan shot on DJI Osmo with X5R

I did stabilize a few shots. Some of the long exposure shots hyperlapse shots were the ones I remember I had to warp stabilize.
After shooting this video I bought the z axis to see if it eliminates the walking bounce. So far, it helps quite a bit. Downside, it makes it heavier and makes people looks at your rig, where nobody really paid much attention to me without the z axis.

Thanks for watching.
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I shot this video using the Osmo with X5R. Love the raw files and the color science on the X5R. Can't wait to try out the X5S but for now I am happy using the X5R with the inspire 1 and Osmo.

For my taste it is to chaotic ( lack of stationary clips ) ADD syndrome. By adding some steady shots it vill be very nice video. Again only my opinion.

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