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Our first project with the X7

We buy our own equipment, and this was a paid job for the Austrian film commission and not DJI in case you were wondering.
Yes, I was wondering. Thanks so much for posting. Actually, I believe that your not being an agent of DJI provides great credibility. I've seen a fair number of folks who were beta testers post very glowing reviews. Nice to see an actual working crew make their assessment.
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We were lucky enough to use the x7 on our latest film project "Tirol -Over the Wilderness"

For all those that might be interested we made a BTS also.

Happy Christmas.
Please do not double post - it is against our forum rules.
I have deleted your duplicate thread.

Thank You.
Simply Stunning Well done gents, out of interest what settings and lens were you using for the low light shots?

Well done
Thank you for all your kind words.
The tent shot with the city in the background was with the 50mm open at 2.8 and 1600 ISO in EI with Dlog and proRes 4444. The other was the same settings but with the 35mm
I was going to ask you to confirm that those mountain shots were really shot with the I2 and not a helicopter... Then thought I'd better watch the BTS clip. Hanging out the side of a squirrel with the I2 is cheating! :)
Nice work (great gig too)!
Hey guys that was great stuff. Thanks for sharing the BTS video as well...loved seeing you get the shots. We have sent X7s and lens sets to some other production crews and they have had very good luck with them as well.
Absolutely stunning and gorgeous work. Clearly mature skillset with the subtlety and some of the best grading I've seen. Definitely some of the nicest X7 footage I've seen. So thankful you shared.
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Hi guys great video-especially the BTS.

How did you stand with the Brit half of the team with regard to Permissions for Flying in Europe?

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