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Outrageous CAA

May 14, 2015
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Amersham, Bucks
Can anyone help

We submitted a revised Operations Manual to the CAA on April 22nd via recorder delivery to add a new aircraft to our fleet for our PfAW.

Some 7 weeks later and not even an acknowledgement they have received the SRG 1320 form. All telephone numbers lead to automated answerphone and emails are ignored

Has anyone been able to get access to a human at the CAA or able to advise on how long it has taken to get an update via a SRG 1320 in the UK. Our insurers are getting very anxious as we cannot supply them with an updated permit and we are paying for insurance but can't do any work with new aircraft

I am now very concerned about renewing our PfAW when it expires in November - do I need to submit 3 months in advance!!!

Any UK users feedback would be welcome


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Hi I submitted my PFAW on the 8th April 2015 and I am still waiting, I have tried the CAA several times to no avail and at this moment I have given up the ghost, some people have waited upto three months. I would suggest you submit your renewal now, as for me I expect mine by christmas.

Hope this helps.
What really hurts is we have a £7500 yes that right a £7500 annual insurance premium as we carry expensive kit and have to have this in place before we can update the ops manual to submit our new aircraft

So their delay is costing us by having to turn clients away and paying the premium

It's a joke

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The guys over at ARPAS are saying 3 months from submission at the moment. It's bonkers that they are taking so long and it's no wonder some operators and just giving up on the whole process and just flying without PFAW at all.
I have already lost £10500 of business this year "thats right £10500" and July and August is in jeopardy.
Not the way I like to run a business and indeed it makes a nonsense of doing this legal in the first place when a government body is so slow.
Its absolutely shocking isnt it! I'm really surprised that the CAA require the Insurance before they issue the PfAW. If you've bothered your arse to do it in the first place you obviously care about operating them in a professional manner so wouldn't fly them without insurance. Typical CAA I'm afraid. Extremely quick to take your money, but very slow and hard to get hold of when you need something

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