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Over exposed videos

Jan 18, 2014
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Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi Fellow Inspire pilots and videographers,

I took delivery of my Inspire last week and have been like a little kid with a new train set since. I have had about 18 months experience with my Phantom 2 which is currently kitted with a GP4 camera. I really love my Inspire, the App and all the features which it has and others that are in the pipe-line.

My only problem with it is that all my videos so far look like ****. They're either over-exposed or under exposed. I tried a quick film this morning which turned out to be so badly washed out it was almost white. I have read here that there is a full auto setting so the camera can adjust its own exposures etc which will then let me adjust anything I need to in post production. I'm a real 'point and shoot' photographer and rely heavily at this stage on the camera operating automatically. I can't see where you can set the camera to film and take photos in full auto mode. Every time I open the camera settings it is only giving me the options of fucking around with **** I don't want to **** around with. My Gopro works beautifully in this respect, can someone please point me in the right direction to just get the Inspire camera to adjust itself. I understand the 4K, 1080 and frames per second thing but ISO, shutter speeds, white balance and all that stuff is for the pro's, which is why I'm asking you guys, the pro's.
When in the camera left side you will see a slide bar for manual or auto just slide it. What are you shooting. ? You still have exposure control in full auto mode so make sure your not moving the dial on the right.
Go back to square one. Try shooting with the camera set on Auto, just as it came from the factory. You'll be stunned at the quality of video you get, and I've been shooting film and video professionally for nearly 40 years.
I've been using auto to expose the main frame and then locking exp so I don't get undesirable exposure stepping. I think exp lock is only available on iOS at this time though...

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