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Parabolic reflector shape test

Mar 20, 2014
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Boston, MA
Quick shape test of two parabolic reflectors. You want the beam to land on the antenna is the general idea for maximum effect.

See the two video clips below.


Not good:

The properly shaped one is this guy:


The improperly shaped one is this guy:


Hopefully I'll be able to field test these next week when I have a bit of time.
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I have the properly shaped one and my first tests were surprising positive. Honestly I was almost sure it will end in a paypal not working claim but they really work.

I did not make extreme range test now but I was flying in locations where before I got signal warnings and now could pass without problems. I am on terrain with houses hills and wood where I must also be careful to adjust altitude not to hit trees on a top of a hill.

The only thing which did not increase very much is flying behind a wood - if it cannot see you anymore it shortly looses connection. I had this two times in 5-700m range but was flying the last 100m behind trees. I think its still more stable in this situation then before but there is no big difference so it does not help flying behind obstacles.

I also never lost signal when the Inspire was directly over me in about 100m though it was said this devices are weak when flying direcly over it.

Interesting test would be turning the RC direction 90 degrees at 3KM but I dont really want to try. In distances under 1KM at least it did not get a feeling its so sensitive to RC direction as I expected it to be.
So finally got out tonight to test my home made parabolic extenders.


I honestly can't believe how well they work.


The first screen shot is stock aerials and from the take off point I reached 1.5km (there were alot of trees around that I think were absorbing the signal bringing the range down) but as a fair test I launched from the same spot with the parabolic extenders and I got 2.8km

Need a picture with the iPad or device mounted because doesn't it hit the extenders? If you are tilting the extenders down then your basically directing the signal to the ground.
They don't hit the device, I normally hold the controller at about 45 degrees when I'm flying and I find the aerials with the extenders are positioned straight ahead towards the AC.


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