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Parallel Battery Setup?

Mar 31, 2015
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Anyone hear of a way to run Inspire with parallel batteries or have interest in doing so?

Figure it wouldn't be too difficult to 3D print something to support it but also curious if the smart batteries would allow this. I was thinking something could snap into the current battery slot and then hold the batteries slightly recessed toward the rear on both sides. I don't think the I1 would have any difficulty with the added weight. Hmm...I'm curious if this would alter the center of gravity.

Let me know your thoughts.
My first thought is that the feature in the app to know what percentage of battery is left, will show incorrect values.
Then you maybe have a falling I1 from the sky after a while.
when you are able to hack the simple electronics that sits under the top on the battery and trick it to think it has more mhA it could work but the question is if the extra mhA is worth the weight and how that impacts on the flight time... more power does not always mean more flight time since you need to find the golden middle and with a 5700mhA I think DJI did find it in this weight class... then for more flight time other props with other height elevation could also make a difference, EPP or carbon fiber props can also make a difference in characteristics, flight time and agility... it is surely possible to make a 3D print but then you would have to put something on both sides of the battery... I would rather just make an adon to keep weight at a min but still adding mhA to the flight battery that I hacked the electronics from...

my 2 cents :D

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