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Photo resolution trouble

Jun 6, 2020
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I recently bought a Inspire 1 with a zenmuse x5r raw camera, for photography, and some video work. But the resolution of the photos is only 960x720, why? I thought it had a 4k sensor. Is there a way to change that? I'm shooting in raw, I looked thought all the setting and I cannot find a way to change the photo resolution setting. I made sure the video resolution was set to 4k.
I'm using a windows pc, could that be the problem? the raw file are around 30mb which seem rather large for a 960x720 photo, as my D850 shoots 47 megapixels and the raw files from it around usually around 50mb.
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If you are configured to take raw photos, and if the resulting files are 30 MB, then you have taken a full-resolution photo. For the X5R camera, that resolution is 4600 x 3448.

What software is telling you that the resolution is 960 x 720? I just looked at a photo I took with my X5R camera, and Lightroom reports the full resolution. But in Windows File Explorer, if I right-click on it, select Properties, then click the Details tab, Windows tells me that the resolution is 960 x 720. My guess is that this is the resolution of the JPG preview that is embedded in the raw file.

So load it into your photo editing software and see what it says.
That might be the problem, I found the check the resolution the way you mention, by going to properties then details. I got something running on my computer right now so I can't open lightroom. But that was the next thing I was going to try. Thanks.

Edit that was the problem, after editing with lightroom and exporting, the final jpegs are 4k.
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