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Pictures and video in the same time

Mar 7, 2015
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Hi everyone!
A bit dissapointed that we still not have this option after last update. I was just thinking that taking pictures while filming would be a nice tool to have in our Pilot App. Gopro already has that function and sometimes is nice to get also a picture at least every 5 seconds while filming. Do you think would be possible with the Inspire camera?
Yea i was hoping the same thing!! And am pretty sure its not a very hard thing to impliment in a firmware update, lets wait for the new update and see what happens
My funny story went like this: I was happily shooting video then I pressed the shutter on the right as I happily took lots of photos. Then later: Hey where did all my still photos go!

Oh Well. Waiting on Firmware. Or lesson learned. One more button to switch.
So let me get this straight, you had the feature to snap photos while doing video but now it's gone since the lastest firmware update???

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