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Pictures overexposed?

Aug 7, 2014
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So I took my Inspire and a Phantom 2 Vision+ with me to do some pictures at a gas plant for my marketing department. Launched the Inspire and flew great but video transmission kept failing even within 25 ft. Never lost control but the video kept failing. In the interim moments of having video, I snapped some stills. When I reviewed them, they all came out as if they were overexposed and very white. Completely unusable and disappointing! I went ahead and launched the Phantom and everything was normal...good stills, and good video. I got home this evening and reassembled the Inspire and did some test pictures...all good, all normal. My question is what couldve caused this? In fairness, what I suspect is EMI because of the ground grid that was in the soil over the entire plant and connected to every single pipe in the facility. Anyone know why this would affect the Inspire and not the Phantom? Attached a pic of what the plant looks like to get an idea of the layout....seriously confused and worried that I bought something I won't be able to use anywhere that I need to.


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