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Pilot app tutorial video

No problem at all :) a lot easier to see the functions prior to buying also. What I love most is you're able to adjust all your camera settings while airborne without having to bring it down and change your settings on your GoPro ;)
8:11 = autonomous flight? Didn't even know we had this capability yet.
Surely the autonomous route mention must be a mistake. I mean, you can't set altitudes. I'm pretty sure it just allows you to draw on the map. Can anyone confirm DJI [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] up here?
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Not the best to me. I can see what features they are pointing out for myself. What would be good is to know exactly what each one does in practical examples. Just reciting the names of features is a waste. It's not completely useless, but a lot is glossed over.
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Autónomas flight, aka waypoints, is not possible with the Inspire. You can do an auto take off and land but you cannot set a point to go to. That may be a feature in the future or it may be a SDK development by a third party. Right now we do not know.

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