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Post Production - Video - FCPX or Premier Pro or any others?

Mar 5, 2015
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Orange County, California
Hey folks,

Was wondering what your experience has been like with the various video editing softwares out there.

I have been using FCPx - mostly because I have a fairly new 27" iMac and my assumption was that FCP would best utilize my mac's resources.

With all the video that I have been capturing, I wonder if there is anything else out there? The folks on this forum seem to speak highly of Adobe Premier Pro. There are other programs like DaVinci Resolve which I am completely open to exploring. I spend so much valuable time capturing what sometimes are one-chance videos, that I want to be able to have the kind of freedom that I am used to in photography programs like Lightroom. For example, things like gradient exposure settings or sharping my shots.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

it really depends on just what you want to do with the end product.
FCPX is what we use professionally for 98& of what we film .... including the aerial work we do. It was hard to switch but having made the switch it harder going back. The DJI files are handled fairly well natively and there is reasonable room for good colour correction ( color if your in the USA lol).
premier Pro is also a great product, a little less intuitive and some would say moving closer in style to FCPX with each iteration. perm pro is also used extensively in the industry but I think for some one getting into editing FCPX is an easier learning curve whilst retaining amazing functionality when you dig deeper into it.
DaVinci Resolve is good but, and its a big but, its expensive and takes some perseverance to master. Davinci colour ( colour) is virtually second to none but again its expensive and specialist.

If your work is going to end up in the cinema ... DaVinci .... everything else FCPX (1) Premier Pro (2) in my opinion. There will be many that use Prem pro that will extol its virtues quit rightly. but in the end its got to be your preference.

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