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Prop Locks...

Apr 8, 2014
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After waiting for initial bugs to shake out, I ordered an Inspire on Feb 6th from Sonic Copters via Amazon. I called to ask about prop locks and was told that they were selling the 2nd version of Inspire and prop locks weren't necessary.

When my Inspire arrived, the quality control stamp from the factory was dated January 24, 2015.

I called the Inspire 24/7 hotline to ask about Prop Locks and ensure that my Date Code was indeed a '2nd version' and that I did not need prop locks after hearing multiple horror stories on the forums.

The Inspire hotline guy's first question was "Have you flown aerial products in the past?" "Yes, Phantom 2+. About 70 hours over the past year." After that he loosened up a bit and said "Ok, here's the deal. You know how you just flick those props on a bit and they tighten? Well, with the Inspire you need to tighten them all the way down before you fly. People aren't reading the directions, they're just taking it out of the box and assuming the props work like the Phantom does. It gets in the air, the prop isn't tightened, the prop flies off, and it crashes. So... we came up with this little prop lock thing, but if you just read the directions, tighten like you should every flight... you're going to be fine."

Is that a sufficient answer? Do I truly just move forward without them? Still seeing a lot of people on here searching out their prop locks on Inspires they are ordering in February. Is it all hype/user error?
Mine came with 2 sets. One set in the case and A retail pack in the shipping box. I also have the new style props ready for the bits which will fit on the motors as a retro fit later on. I've just balanced my props and only one didn't need balancing. They are not that far out but will cause vibration if not balanced and didn't take long either.
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When did you order? I'll have to google a bit to determine if I have new style props or old.

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