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Prop Wash

Feb 12, 2015
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Has anyone experienced errant behavior with the AC due to prop wash?I was flying down a driveway , houses maybe 20 feet apart and noticed the the inspire was prone to wandering making it challenging to maintain a straight course. Or maybe it was connection problem or, or, or maybe it was (I hate to think) PILOT ERROR
i think the software was loopy not the pilot, I don't drink til after 9pm
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I assume it was. I was toggled to "P" and was given the all clear to fly (RC light was green).
But it still handled smoothly or did it start to react to the wash- do a degree that made you more attentive to what it was doing?
On Phantom forum a lot of crashes were blamed on prop wash ,but in my opinion it is great overreaction. Multi rotor prop wash is rear thing.
I did my own tests with manual training craft and never experienced single crash cost by prop wash; you if it goes down really fast it wobbles ,but could be managed.
In you case my guess would be - sadden wind gust
- or pilot error ( for example one could be good on flying inside the room with those little quads ,but once you try to fly through the doorway ,you get nerves not to hit the frame and it will become pretty challenging task ).
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Propwash has an effect while descending fast, not by hovering around at a given alt. Was likely the vision positioning system being confused by the pattern on the ground.

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