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Props: 1345, 1345s, 1345T

Jun 2, 2015
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I know it's been discussed almost ad nauseum but I just wanted to check in on the latest consensus about the versions of props out there. I have a version D Inspire with the (then standard) 1345s props and related quick release brackets. It's sounding like the little cupped catches on the inside of the hubs can wear and eventually lose their grab on the springy brackets (not sure if that's the exact mechanism of failure but maybe it's beside the point).

I've had no problems thus far but I haven't flown a whole lot (15-20 different occasions), but I'd prefer not to wait for a disaster (especially if it can be avoided by spending ~$35 for new props and brackets). Is the consensus that the 1345T is a much more solid mechanism less prone to eventual failure? Does anyone feel that it's only a matter of time till we start hearing about failures of the 1345T or are most of you fairly confident about the mechanism and feel it's superior to previous versions?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks, ringolong. The only issue I have with switching to the original design (plus locks) is the possibility of obsolescence. Being the oldest design, I wonder if DJI will phase it out before too long, making props hard to find and forcing another switch at some point. I'm thinking the latest design (1345T), as long as it's more reliable than the 1345s might be the way to go. But, hey, if the original 1345 design plus locks is without-a-doubt the most secure route, I'll take it.

Thanks again.
I have the 1345s and they work fine. You just need to make sure they are on correctly. I have made a mistake. Unfortunately, you only hear about the ones that caused problems. Maybe someday a vote will be taken that actually reflects how many issues each prop configuration has had problems. Until then..do whatever.

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