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Props old vs new

Feb 20, 2015
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I have several pairs of the old props you use the locks. I also bough the new twist on. Having a hard time making the choice. Seems I should use up the old and then move over to the new, or should I just ditch 4 sets of the old props??
Quick ones are much easier to attach and detach, plus i noticed they are more silent.
Hi, just received a set of these QR props, no fittings as yet. So how are they compared to using the locks, do you still get the same feeling of security when flying? I've started to like the prop locks, that locking "click" feels secure. Thanks Mark
There is a significant difference btw both props. From what I evaluated btw both is these. In higher winds (Tested at 30mph) the originals are much more stable because they sit secure on the motor and don't flop around they are tight and secure and much more agile as they react faster. Look at how lose the new ones are are on the motors you can bend some more then others because of the bracket support. They don't sit flush on the motors. This design cant mount tightly like the screw on type. In little wind to new ones are superior because they are more stable but what about the effects of the bearings? If they are not as stable and top heavy expect more wear on the motor bearings. (New Props) The center sections have more propeller depth on them because of the design which makes them more stable. I do not feel 100% secure with the new design especially because there has already been one crash on inspire fb page. There is nothing metal on them vrs the metal threads on the old type. I don't trust plastic on plastic moving at speeds of 50+mph and 6+ pounds. I guess we'll see what happens since dji uses us as their guinea pigs.
Why should we replace propellers when it is already come prop locks earlier. becomes better with the new?
So they just push over the existing motor thread, and lock onto the new collars? Not sure I like the sound of this. Think I will stick with my existing props.

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