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Props - When do they need to be replaced? RC Charging?

Jan 20, 2015
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Just a couple quick, basic questions.

I ordered 2 more sets of the self-tightening props (used with prop locks) from DJI. How do you tell when your props need to be replaced? I have the original set my Inspire came with...they seem to be in good shape...the unit flies fine...but I'm told all props have a certain shelf life...is there any simple way to determine when props need to be replaced?

Also...maybe this is in the manual, so forgive me...what is the best practice to recharge my Remote Control? Should I let it run down to 30% or so? Is there a best practice for recharging battery on the RC?

If you have the original props then stick with those. As long as you don't hit anything with them they will last along time unlike the quick release props. Just check them before a flight or after a set of batteries, in my case 4 .
I ordered 2 sets of the original, self-tightening props from DJI directly...they charged $20 for shipping...but I wanted to get some more of these and try to stick with these with the prop locks. People have told me they are not being made anymore, but DJI is selling them. What should I be looking for when I check the props? I have no idea when I should be changing them out. Thanks.

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