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quick poll, who are using prop locks

Feb 12, 2015
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I am curious. mainly because a lot thought the issue relied on the possibility that people were not originally tightening down the props enough.
I use them...wondering why folks would not. I wish there were prop guards...this thing is really great, it could do some nasty damage to people, etc.
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I agree - why not? I use them. In fact I just purchased a second set from B&H for $2.00.
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like you all, if you have them why not use them, it just another layer to prevent something from happening, I did hear something about a slight concern of taking up a little of the vent used to cool the engine.
I use them...... Too many other things to worry about.... Try to eliminate some of the task loading.....
Why wouldn't you use them? TBH though the props haven't moved a bit from when tightened up. On that note, I notice the black ones screw down quite well to about half way then become quite tight to turn on. The silver ones spin all the way down. Is this the same for everybody else?
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I don't...............................Cann't buy them, because they are not in stock at this moment. BUT when they are in stock, it is the first thing I'll buy.
It's a bit special, I moved to another country between getting my I1 and the locks being available, so that I never got the ones my dealer has likely sent to my old address.
Didn't find any locally yet, and couldn't be bothered to order some overseas, I'd rather get the new locking props when available...

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